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Communications Between Sellers and Buyers

Always remember to use the "Conversations" tool on your dashboard to communicate with a seller or buyer. By doing so, you have certain protections provided to you detailed in our terms and conditions. The "Conversations" tool delivers your message directly to the seller or buyer's personal email.

Forgotten login or password?

Your login is the email address that you originally signed up with. If you have forgotten your password, click here.

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How much does it cost to use Homevana?

Homevana is FREE to use for sellers and buyers. No catches. You know that old adage "There's no free lunch", well it doesn't apply to Homevana. We are 100% free to use to list, negotiate and complete the purchase contract all online. We make money through advertisements from real estate related service companies like mortgage providers or moving companies. Does Google charge you a fee to use their software to search? Well Homevana does not charge you a fee to use our software to sell or buy a home.

Do advertisers obtain my phone or email?

No. Advertisers can only contact you through Homevana’s Conversations tool found on your dashboard. It's like a texting system on your mobile phone. Advertisers are never provided with your personal contact information unless you give it to them.

Am I obligated to use any advertiser service or product?

No. You are never under any obligation to use an advertiser's services, but we hope you will as it is how we keep Homevana free for home sellers and buyers. Homevana advertisers offer services that are only specifically related to home selling and buying. If you see a service or product you need, contact the advertiser.

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Why can't I search for homes on Homevana like other traditional real estate website searches?

Homevana is not a home search website like Zillow for example. If you use Homevana as a home seller, your property is marketed to homebuyers through the MLS, Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia and other popular real estate web sites. When buyers find your home for sale on one of these websites, the buyers are sent a link to your property information page on Homevana. They can then communicate with you, set up a time to see your home, and submit offers directly to you.

What is the MLS?

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a "real estate brokerage only" computerized database of homes for sale used by real estate agents to market and promote homes to other real estate agents. Homevana has agreements with real estate brokers licensed in every state who will place your home in the MLS for free.

How long does it take to get my home listed on all the major real estate websites?

It typically takes 2-4 days before you can find your home posted on all the major real estate websites.

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On which major real estate websites will my home be placed?

It varies by the state in which the home you are selling is located but usually includes Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia and a number of others in the United States and throughout Europe, Asia, South America, etc. We leave it up to the homeowners to put their home in Craigslist if they wish to do so.

Do I have to pay a real estate agent commission when using Homevana?

You will receive offers directly from homebuyers who are not using real estate agents. If you accept an offer directly from a homebuyer not using an agent, you pay ZERO commission. You will also receive offers from real estate agents. If you accept an offer from an agent, you will be required to pay the commission amount you selected when registering your property. Still, a lot better than the standard 6% commission. With homevana you always have the freedom to accept or reject any offer. So your goal is to see all the offers possible and then select the offer you like best.

How do I get a "For Sale" sign and lockbox?

You can purchase a "For Sale" sign and lockbox directly from Homevana. Homevana charges a service fee to order these products for you. You are always free to purchase a "For Sale" sign and lockbox on your own.

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Can I purchase professional photos, virtual tours or an appraisal for my home?

Yes. You can purchase these items from Homevana or buy them on your own. Homevana charges a service fee to order these products for you.

Can I make changes to my MLS posting?

All changes to the MLS must be sent to Homevana, which will ensure that your changes are made.

Can I stop using Homevana at any time?

Yes, you may stop using Homevana at any time without penalty. To do this correctly, without any penalties, please make sure you contact customer service.

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Do I need to sign a listing agreement?

Yes. A listing agreement with one of our participating brokers is required to place your home in the MLS and other real estate websites. Your listing agreement is for a period of 6 months but can be canceled by the homeowner at any time.

What is an escrow company / closing company / closing attorney?

An escrow or closing company is a neutral third party, agreed on by the seller and buyer, which manages the closing of a home sale after the purchase contract has been completed on Homevana. Fees to hire an escrow/closing company vary by company and are often split between the seller and buyer. In attorney states usually found in the Northeast U.S., one attorney is required to represent the seller and another attorney represents the buyer to complete the sale, with each of the parties paying their own attorney fees. The main function of an escrow company / closing company / closing attorney is generally to complete the sale by properly transferring the homebuyer's purchase money to the seller and then creating a new ownership deed in the buyer's name and having it submitted with the correct recorders office in your city, county or township. You would use these closing entities whether you use Homevana or a traditional real estate agent. No difference.

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How does Homevana's Dashboard help you?

The dashboard is where everything happens. After you login, a Dashboard icon will appear in the upper right hand corner. Just click on it to get to your Dashboard from anywhere within Homevana.

How do I keep track of where I am in the transaction?

Your "To Do List" is found on your Dashboard and tells you what needs to be done next. You will never get lost using your To Do List.

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Where do I view offers made on my home?

Your "Offers" section is found on your Dashboard and displays all offers submitted by buyers. You will be able to see all aspects of each offer so you can select the one(s) you like best. With Homevana, you can always negotiate with more than one buyer at a time.

How do I communicate with other parties on Homevana?

Your "Conversations" section allows you to have PROTECTED communications with anyone interested in your home and is found on your Dashboard. Protected means that in our Terms of Use, anything stated to another party using Conversations is only negotiations; it is not binding. So always use this tool rather than direct emails or texts when communicating. Also, when you use Conversations, it sends an email to the other party's personal email. Consequently, you can feel confident knowing that the other person is receiving your communications.

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As a home seller, what if a real estate agent or buyer wants to submit an offer to me using their own contract?

If an agent wants to use their own purchase contract, that's ok. You want to make sure you receive every offer possible on your home.

Why do I need to sign a listing agreement with a broker?

Only a broker can place your home in your local MLS, and it's good to have this additional exposure when selling your home. You always have the right to accept or reject any offer that is submitted to you.

Can I cancel my listing agreement with the broker with no strings attached?

Yes. You can cancel your listing agreement at any time, for any reason and without penalty or obligation to Homevana or the Broker who places your home in the MLS. Just shoot us an email to cancel the listing agreement at support@homevana.com. No catches. No gimmicks. No time restrictions such as the length of the listing agreement coming into play down the road if you are working with another broker or find a buyer on your own. It's 100% cancelled. Once cancelled, you can then hire another broker or take any other course of action you desire. 100% freedom. That's how Homevana rolls.

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If you do not see the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us directly
at support@homevana.com or call us direct at 619-376-1439.